Please note: The following instructions are for sipgate's local German telephony service. The sipgate interface is only available in German, as is reflected in this article.

What you'll find in this article

Connecting your sipgate Germany phone with CLINQ

After logging in to your sipgate account, you will find your SIP access data in the user area under Telefonie .

  • If you don't have a VoIP phone yet, navigate to the Telefonie section of your sipgate account and click on "+Gerät hinzufügen", found on the top right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the VoIP-Telefon, that you want to connect to CLINQ.
  • A pop up window will appear with your SIP-ID and SIP-Passwort.
  • Copy and paste these into the corresponding fields in CLINQ.

Setting up BLF in CLINQ with your sipgate Germany account

Important to know before getting started:

  • BLF cannot be set up in CLINQ for sipgate starter accounts.
  • Internal sipgate contacts will be imported into CLINQ without their extension / Durchwahl.
  • CLINQ's BLF feature allows you to view the call status of a maximum of 10 colleagues simultaneously. This is enabled by adding that colleague as a favourite in your CLINQ account. Please follow instructions below.

Before BLF can be set up, it is necessary to first:

  • have a contact book or CRM integrated with CLINQ. It is convenient to integrate your sipgate contacts, but any other contact integration will also suffice. If you haven't done so already, please select and follow the instructions for the contact integration you would like to use from the following list.

  • access your sipgate account to ensure that the contacts in sipgate you would like to have appear in your BLF field have been assigned an extension / Durchwahl (For example: 452) in the company's sipgate account. If you need assistance assigning your colleagues an extension / Durchwahl, please follow these instructions from sipgate.

Once you have confirmed the extensions / Durwahlen of your colleagues as well as integrated your contacts, please:

  • If the contact does not yet exist in your contact list in CLINQ, please add their details. Otherwise, select the contact and click edit.
  • In CLINQ, add the contact's sipgate extension / Durchwahl to the phone numbers listed for them in CLINQ.
  • Lastly, save your contact's details and click on the star to add them to your favourites. That contact's BLF status should now appear immediately in CLINQ!

What do the BLF symbols mean?

Red: busy

Green: available

Nothing: The contact has not be assigned an extension / Durchwahl in sipgate; the contact is not a sipgate user; or we cannot currently reach the BLF server