CLINQ supports a large number of VoIP providers and offers pre-configured setup profiles for them to make configuration as easy as possible. If your provider is not listed, you have the option of specifying all the required data for your VoIP provider under "Custom provider".

For the registration you need the following registration data from your provider:

  • SIP username (often also called SiP registration name, authorisation name or similar)
  • SIP password
  • Registrar/SIP server.

Some providers also use an outbound proxy. You can activate the checkbox for this and enter it.

If you do not know these details, please contact your VoIP provider or ask your administrator.

Note: CLINQ currently only supports registration via UDP. Registrations via TCP or TLS are not yet supported.

Were you able to successfully register your provider with CLINQ using the above configuration? Cool!

We’d love it if you got in touch with us to let us know what information you used (excluding your SIP username and password) in your configuration - that will allow us to set up a profile in CLINQ for that provider and further expand CLINQ’s usability. Thanks for your help!