You can find your SIP credentials in your sipload customer account.

Please note: the sipload interface is only available in German.

Important: registering your sipload account with CLINQ requires both your Benutzername and Produktpasswort.

  • Log into your sipload account and click on Tarifkonfiguration to see an overview of your connections, otherwise called Anschlüsse
  • Click on the connection you would like to use CLINQ with.
  • On the left hand side, click on Zugangsdaten.
  • Finally, you can choose between: 
    • 1. revealing just your Benutzername on this page (as the Produktpasswort will remain hidden) or; 
    • 2. sending both the Benutzername and Produktpasswort(which together make up your SIP credentials) to the e-mail address you have registered with sipload.
    • Once you have decided, click Weiter.
  • As soon as you have received your SIP credentials from sipload, please enter the Benutzername in CLINQ as your SIP ID.
  • Enter your Produktpasswort as your SIP Password in CLINQ.
  • Save.

If you are unable to find your SIP credentials based on the above information, we recommend taking a look at the following articles from sipload: Wie kann ich mir Passwort und Benutzernamen meines Anschlusses zusenden lassen? or Basis-Konfigurations-Anleitung