How to connect CLINQ with Cituro?
Requirement: you will need to have booked CLINQ Pro. 

In CLINQ -> Settings -> Integrations -> Cituro. Click the "Connect to Cituro" - until you reach the API Key entry window. 

Now enter the API Key in the input field and click on Save.

Your contacts will now start to upload.

The number of contacts you have will dictate the amount of time you will need to wait until they are all loaded and visible in the CLINQ app in the Contacts tab.

Example.: 100,000 contacts can take around 10 minutes to load.

Where do you find your API Key?
In Cituro-> Settings > Users & Permissions 

Next, select a user with the appropriate rights (role) or create a new one, then click on the three dots on the right hand side of that user. 

Now, select "Refresh API Key" from the dropdown menu to have the API displayed. Copy the Key and paste it into CLINQ. 

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