Pipedrive is a simple but powerful sales pipeline management tool. It organizes leads so that you always have a perfect overview of the sale and makes you focus on the important deals first.

With CLINQ, you can make calls using your CRM contacts displayed in the CLINQ app. This way, you will always see who is calling and don't have to switch between different tools.

Connect CLINQ and Pipedrive and then benefit from automatic contact synchronization. All changes or new contacts added in the CLINQ app during or after a call will then be automatically saved in your CRM.

Integration of Pipedrive with the CLINQ App:

Clink on the User Icon and then choose "Integrations".

In the "Integrations" view, scroll until you find "Pipedrive", then click on the "Connect to Pipedrive" button. 

On clicking the "Connect to Pipedrive" button, you will be redirected to the Pipedrive login screen. If not already logged in, then login now. 

Once logged in, you will be asked to agree to Pipedrive and CLINQ connecting to each other, please accept this by clicking "Allow and install".

As long as everything connected correctly, CLINQ and Pipedrive will now be integrated. 

Note: Depending upon the amount of contacts you have in your CRM, then it can take some minutes until all of your contacts are fully loaded & displayed. 

How to set Click2Dial between CLINQ and Pipedrive?

- open a contact and expand the options dropdown which you'll find after the phone number

- normally "Computer" and Call with a calling integration will be the default setting, showing: "Default phone call handler in one field and tel:[number] in the other field, this is correct.

To start a call, click on the Green "Start call" button.

How to log Call Notes in CLINQ & Pipedrive?

Call notes can be logged through two different methods:

  • In CLINQ during a call
  • In CLINQ immediately after a call finishes

Note: it is also possible to log call notes in the Call History, Call Details, call entry, after the call has finished. For more information, please see the "Where can I find my call notes" section.

1) During a Call

When you have an active call, In the Desktop app, click on the option "Call Logging" towards the bottom of the App screen. On clicking into the Call logging bar a text field will then open where you can then enter your call notes. Your call notes will be saved to both your CLINQ call entry and also in Pipedrive. 

2) After the Call

As soon as the call ends, a Text Field will open in the CLINQ Desktop app. By clicking in this field you will then be able to enter your call notes. All entries you make in the text field will be saved.

Important Note: The text field is only shown for 5 seconds after the call ends, so you will need to click into the field during the 5 second window to be able to enter your call notes. Once clicking into the field, the 5 second rule is deactivated, so you will then be able to take as long as you need to enter your call notes.

Where can I find my Call notes?

Call notes which you have entered are displayed in both CLINQ and also your CRM. In CLINQ simply find the call in your Call history and click the call entry to open the Call details view. Here you'll see the notes in the "Note" field.

Note: The area showing the note below, is also the area where you can add notes at later times/dates.