Is it possible to answer calls using the buttons on the headset ?

Yes, CLINQ supports the use of Headset buttons via the HID protocol to answer and hang up calls.

Which headsets support the buttons (answer & hang up)?

The following list contains the headsets that we have tested for compatibility with CLINQ:

  • Jabra
    • Jabra 2 Evolve 65
    • Jabra 2 Evolve 30 SE
    • Jabra 2 Evolve 85
    • Jabra 710 (conference speakers)
  • The following only with Jabra Link 380 (expandable):  
    • PSTN (Desk Phone)
      • PRO 9470
      • PRO 9465 DUO
      • PRO 9460 DUO
      • PRO 9460
      • PRO 9450
      • PRO 920
      • PRO 925
      • Motion Office
    • USB (Soft Phone)
      • BIZ2300
      • LINK230
      • LINK260
      • Link265
      • Evolve 80
      • Evolve 40
      • evolve 30
      • Evolve 20
      • BIZ 2400
      • Link 280
      • PRO 930
      • PRO 935

  • Sennheiser
    • Sennheiser Epos Adapt 560
  • Plantronics
    • Poly Voyager 4320 UC
  • Yealink
    • Yealink WH62

My headset is not listed, will it still work?

We can't guarantee it, but it might work if the device supports the HID protocol standard. Feel free to let us know if your specific headset works.

HID is the "Human Interface Device" interface that can be connected by enterprises. The HID (Human Interface Device) interface allows a variety of possible connections (controllers, joysticks, headsets, audio devices). We currently only support devices that support the "Telephony" page/standard.

Which headset buttons can be used?

CLINQ only supports the buttons for answering and ending a call. Other keys/features are not covered by CLINQ. 

Please refer to the appropriate user guide for your headset to find out which buttons are used for these purposes.

Why don't Jabra key commands/presence or mic flip down work to accept calls via CLINQ?

You have to program an integration for the Jabra Direct software so that CLINQ gets information from the Jabra software or is allowed to send information to the Jabra software. Until then, you can only use the designated VoIP apps that already offer such an integration.