Lexoffice is suitable for companies of all industries, sizes and legal forms. The core of Lexoffice is an intelligent document management system. The more documents a company processes, the greater the time saved. 

With CLINQ, you can make calls using your CRM contacts displayed in the CLINQ app. This way, you will always see who is calling and don't have to switch between different tools.

Connect CLINQ and lexoffice and then benefit from automatic contact synchronization. All changes or new contacts added in the CLINQ app during or after a call will then be automatically saved in your CRM.

Integration of lexoffice with the CLINQ App:

Clink on the User Icon, then "Settings" and then choose "Integrations".

In the "Integrations" view, scroll until you find "lexoffice", then click on the "Connect to lexoffice" button. 

In the pop up window you now need to enter your lexoffice API Key.

If the data entered was correctly, then your CRM will now be integrated with CLINQ.

Note: Depending upon the amount of contacts you have in your CRM, then it can take some minutes until all of your contacts are displayed. 

 Where to find your API-Key in your lexoffice Account:

Please see the API Documentation from lexoffice

The lexoffice API is a REST API that allows developers to incorporate lexoffice into their applications by pushing and pulling data from and to lexoffice. Examples for this data are contact information and e.g. scanned images for bookkeeping vouchers (referred to as "files"). The responses of the endpoints are formatted in JSON.

  • Either create a new lexoffice account or use an existing lexoffice account
  • Users of the lexoffice API can generate their private API key at https://app.lexoffice.de/addons/public-api
  • Additionally to this reference documentation, various cookbooks – lexoffice API Kochbücher – are available in German. They describe the concepts of aspects of the API from a high level perspective and are helpful as recipes for the implementation of lexoffice integrations.