CLINQ's Google Chrome extension allows you to call numbers directly out of websites, e-mails, and in your CRMs with just a click on the CLINQ logo which is shown directly after the phone number.

How to install the Chrome extension:

Note: the Google Chrome browser must first be installed on your computer before installing the Chrome extension.

  • Open the CLINQ Desktop App and navigate to settings.
  • Under integrations, click on Extensions.
  • Click on the Open button next to Google Chrome.

Once you've been directed to the Chrome Webstore, click on Add to Chrome. 

After clicking "Add to Chrome", you will be prompted to add the extension again, Click "Add extension".

In Chrome you will now see a message stating that the extension has been added to the browser.

Exception: Clinq.AppImage under Linux:

Since Clinq is only started as an application, the Click2Dial transfer via tel links does not work.

Install Clinq via AppImage Launcher.

After that you can select phone numbers in Chrome by a right-click and then choosing "Call with CLINQ" or click on phone numbers that are directly linked as tel:.

Error: The displayed phone number is extended with "20" and is then no longer reachable.

Note: according to "RFC 3966 5.1.1. "Separators in Phone Numbers" it is allowed to display phone numbers with spaces.

- but- 

The tel link itself must not contain spaces, so "tel" URIs MUST NOT use spaces.

A Check: Hover the mouse over the linked phone number and check if it has spaces or not: tel:+49xxxx or tel:+49 xxx xxx

Google Excel call phone number problem:
Cause: Google Excel expects to do a calculation operation for a link which begins with "=+", so it will see "=+49800...." as being a phone number.
Workaround: Save ="+498003301000  "
as a link, then you can double click on the phone number and then click on the Clinq logo.