How can I add contacts?

Contacts aren't saved in CLINQ but rather in your CRM, so the first step is to add your CRM to CLINQ. The contacts in your CRM will sync with CLINQ, but you can also add new contacts to your CRM through CLINQ.

  • First, head to Contacts and select your CRM. For example: Google or Outlook
  • Any calls to or from numbers not yet saved in your CRM will appear as just the phone number. Click on the call to open the Call Details and click the symbol to add the contact.
  • Add the first and last name, company, and select the CRM (should you have multiple connected to CLINQ) and click Save.

How do I add favourites?

  • First, head to your Contacts page.
  • Select the contact you would like to add to your favourites and click on the Star found on the right of the contact so that it turns gold.
  • Alternatively, you  an open the Call Details of a contact by clicking on the contact and then clicking on the Star underneath Favourite.

How do I quickly find and call my favourites?

  • In addition to the standard location of the contact in your contacts list, you'll also find your favourites listed as icons at the top of your call list.
  • If the favourited contact only has one phone number, you can call them with just a click here.
  • If the favourited contact has two numbers, you'll be asked to select which number to call after clicking on the contact.

How many favourited contacts can I have?

  • You can have a maximum of 10 favourited contacts.

What contact information is visible under the favourited contact icons?

This information depends on what information is saved under the contact.

  • If a first name is saved, then the first name will be shown.
  • If no first name is saved, then the last name will be shown.
  • If there is no first or last name saved, then the company name will be shown.
  • If none of the above is saved, then the phone number will be shown.