To install CLINQ on Linux:

  1. If you don't already have an AppImage software downloaded, please install one such as AppImage Launcher.
  2. Install CLINQ by opening the Clinq.AppImage file as an application. Please note than an installation file is not available.
  3. Once CLINQ has been successfully installed, you can set CLINQ up to automatically start by following this article from askubuntu.

To start CLINQ after installation, please double click the Clinq.AppImage file.

Exception for Ubuntu 22.04:

This version of Ubuntu doesn't support CLINQ without installing Fuse2. Without installing Fuse2, sipgate App CLINQ either won't open or you'll receive an error notification. To install and set up Fuse2:

  1. sudo apt install libfuse2
    Recommendation: Do not install fuse1 packages. 
  2. Right click on Clinq.AppImage.
  3. Select the Access Permissions tab.
  4. Make sure the checkbox for Run file as a program is selected.

Exception for Debian 10:

Workaround: start CLINQ without sandbox via terminal ./clinq.AppImage --no-sandbox

alternative: update to Debian 11.5 and start CLINQ normally

Delete all CLINQ user data (login/name/email/call lists) 

Log in to CLINQ Desktop->Settings->Profile->execute "Delete account".

When deleting is completed, you will be logged out and can then uninstall CLINQ or create a new CLINQ profile.