Important information regarding the installation of CLINQ on Windows

Technical Requirements:

  • x86 CPU or 64bit (emulator)
  • Windows 10 or 11 (64bit)

Installing CLINQ on a Windows desktop:

  • Copy the CLINQ.exe file locally and install.
  • Installations from a network drive could lead to an error.
  • Mass installations via .msi files are currently not possible or available.

Installing CLINQ via the Windows terminal server:

  • Installing CLINQ via the Windows terminal server is possible, but not recommended as connecting audio devices between the desktop and terminal server are not supported.

Installation path:

  • C:\Users\[Benutzername]\AppData\Local\Programs\clinq-desktop\CLINQ.exe

Should the installation be unsuccessful:

  • In the case of a Windows error, please check to see if a Windows admin has set up group policies preventing the software from being installed.
  • Local software firewalls and anti-virus programs can block the software. In this case temporarily deactivating the program during the installation of CLINQ and reactivating it once complete could be the solution.

Incompatible Windows Devices:

  • Surface Pro X SQ1 & SQ2

Uninstalling CLINQ:

Windows->Apps and Features->Tap Find CLINQ->Click Uninstall.

Delete all CLINQ user data (login/name/email/call lists) 

Log in to CLINQ Desktop->Settings->Profile->Execute "Delete account".

When deleting is completed, you will be logged out and can then uninstall CLINQ or create a new CLINQ profile.

Activate Windows Notifications:

Win11: Settings -> System -> Notifications -> Toggle Notifications to On

CLINQ - Toggle (in the Notifications from Apps and other senders) to On

CLINQ - Toggle Show Notifications banners to On, and toggle other options as you require