Requirements: x86 CPU or ARM CPU (M1)

Supports: MacOS 12.x / 13.x 

How do I install the CLINQ App?

Download the CLINQ.dmg from and then "run".

The Finder will now ask you to drag the App into the Applications folder, so drag the CLINQ icon over and drop it into the Applications folder, and now CLINQ is installed.

How do I set up Clinq Notifications?

- Start CLINQ, Login, and then goto Settings->Phone->Add Phone
   Exception: If you used the sipgate login then the phone(s) would of already loaded via the API.
- in Mac->System Settings->Notifications->scroll down until you see CLINQ and click it "open"
- Toggle the Allow Notifications to "on"
- Select which "Banner" type your want
- Rest settings can now be set as you require

How do I set up Clinq with FaceTime?

To use CLINQ for your FaceTime calls, open FaceTime, then goto: FaceTime -> Settings

At the bottom of the setting page you will find the option to set CLINQ as your "Default for calls"

How do I Deinstall CLINQ?

Finder->Programms->CLINQ icon and now drag the CLINQ icon down into the Bin.